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DCOF AcuTest

Have even more trust in your design  with the new, more accurate test for commercial flooring applications.

At American Olean, we never stop searching for smart, new solutions within our industry. So, we're proud to be among the first to join the Tile Council of North America in testing our products with DCOF AcuTest, a new industry standard for measuring the dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF). The new standard assesses products suitability for the commercial environment and the specific usability needs of the application.

A Measure of Friction

In layman's terms, friction is the force that resists the sliding motion of one surface against another. Contaminants, such as liquids, can change this value.

There are two types of friction: static (SCOF) and dynamic (DCOF). SCOF is the ratio of forces necessary to start two surfaces sliding. This is what the former ASTM C1028 static test measured. DCOF is the ratio of forces necessary to keep two surfaces sliding.

Out with the old. In with the new.

The methodology used by DCOF AcuTest has become the new industry standard because it's the most accurate way to determine whether or not a product is suitable for a commercial environment.

  • Just as the speed of a car can be measured in mph and kph, DCOF uses a different scale. For example, the new .42 wet (DCOF) is replacing the old reference of .60 COF wet, which has long been the benchmark for friction in commercial applications.
  • The new, more stringent DCOF AcuTest uses a portable robot that, unlike ASTM C1028, gives realistic values on very smooth surfaces
  • While the industry standard is changing, the quality you can count on from American Olean remains the same.

American Olean and DCOF AcuTest: it's just one more way we're giving you the freedom of expression.