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DCOF AcuTest

American Olean® has always been proud to support solutions that better our industry. That's why we were among the first to join the Tile Council of North America in testing our products with DCOF AcuTest™, the industry standard used to measure dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF). DCOF AcuTest™ assesses a product's suitability for the commercial environment and the specific usability needs of the application.


Friction is the force that resists the sliding motion of one surface against another. Contaminants, such as liquids, can alter the measurement of friction. DCOF is the ratio of forces necessary to keep two surfaces sliding.

American Olean, in partnership with the TCNA, endorses the DCOF AcuTest™ because it's the most accurate method for determining whether or not a product is suitable for a commercial environment. ANSI A137.1 established ≥0.42 DCOF wet as the standard for slip resistance in commercial floor applications. The more stringent DCOF AcuTest™ gives realistic values even on smooth surfaces.

  • DCOF uses a different system of measurement than previous measures. DCOF .42 wet is the new standard for commercial applications whereas .60 wet COF was the previous standard.
  • The new DCOF test, AcuTest, is more accurate, especially on very smooth surfaces which had a level of error previously.
  • American Olean is committed to always providing the best for our customers. Even though standards change, we guarantee that we will keep up with changing standards as technology makes better testing available.