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3 Glass Tile Bathroom Design Concepts Inspired by Summer

Summer's warm weather and longer days provide you the opportunity to take a break from your busy life and relax. Instead of just dreaming of the seashore, use summer-inspired design to bring the casual elegance and restfulness of a tropical resort or beach cottage into your residential space. Create a color scheme that focuses on shimmering ocean blues, peaceful yellows, or shades of sea green. Relaxed furnishings, nautical accents, and other beach-themed decor will complete the look.

In the bathroom, you can recreate the beauty and pleasure of a summer getaway with the sparkle of glass tile. Brightly colored glass evokes the feeling of sun-kissed beaches and tropical breezes. With the countless shapes and styles of glass mosaics available, you can choose from tranquil blues, jewel-toned turquoise, or warm amber hues to create a private indoor retreat. Here are three ideas for glass tile design projects that are guaranteed to keep the warmth of summer in your space year-round.

1. Bring in the Blue

The color blue is always a favorite pick for beach house decor. Navy and white stripes incorporate a nautical theme, while lighter blues replicate flowing water. When blue mosaic tiles are used in the bathroom, the shimmering, light-reflecting qualities of glass can mimic a bright sky or the beauty of a crystal-clear Caribbean ocean. Try to incorporate Color Appeal's Pacific Coast Blend, which combines moonlight blue and pearl-colored glass tiles with marble. It is the perfect mosaic tile to create a stunning bathroom backsplash. If your goal is to create a serene bathroom that feels like a spa, consider the calming tones of Garden Oasis linear glass tiles, which feature calming blue tones that have been inspired by a natural palette.

Bolder blues can also be used as decorative accents to spice up neutral decor. One or two rows of sapphire blue glass tiles running around a room creates a one-of-a-kind look. A bright blue glass mosaic tile backsplash behind a painted white vanity is another way to infuse sea-inspired color without overwhelming a room. And placing a few blue glass tiles within the pattern of a white tiled shower or scattering them within a white floor are also ways add coastal charm.

Photo features Moonlight 2 x 2 on the wall.

2. Use Glass to Add Contrast to Muted Decor

Muted colors, such as sandy yellows or lighter greens, conjure a feeling of tropical warmth. However, if your bathroom design feels too understated, consider adding glass tiles to add brightness without straying too far from your original design. For a summery shimmer, glass tiles can be used in small applications to dress up your existing bathroom decor. Think of the tile as if it were a simple pair of diamond earrings that helps to complete an outfit.

White color schemes are also a favorite pick for beach house designs. But while all-white bathrooms look clean and bright, sometimes they can be a little too stark. Colored glass tile wall or floor accents will add balance to your all-white bathroom while still maintaining a clean look. In fact, any monochromatic decor can benefit from the slight contrast of colored glass. The light sparkle provided by just one or two rows of tile around your bathtub will immediately modernize the look of your bathroom.

A glass tile border in a random mosaic pattern with a mixture of beachy golds and ambers placed atop ivory sand-colored wainscoting will help to brighten up the look of your space. If your shower needs a little pizzazz, try adding brightly colored glass tile accents within any shelving or niches. For an even bolder color statement, consider carrying a neutral color flooring up through the bottom half of the wall and then adding a pop of color to the top half. The light reflecting over the tile will create a sense of depth and movement that only glass can bring to your bath area. Incorporating a unique tile pattern is also a great way to add a sense of artistry to your decor.

You can also use colored glass to break up different areas of a big, open master bath and transition from one flooring type to another. For example, try adding a few rows of random mosaics in front of a shower or bathtub. If you pick a color scheme that mixes brighter colors with neutral colors that match the rest of the tiled floor, you'll be able to bring the entire room together while also adding a bit of flair to the space.

3. Create an Accent Wall of Color

With relatively small wall space, a bathroom is the perfect place for a bold design that won't overwhelm the eye. Extend a glass tiled backsplash into a full accent wall of color, for example, or add glass mosaic tile to the partition that separates your tub and shower. If you love the natural and unique look of sea glass, the fluidity of the Visionaire glass mosaic tile series will become an instant favorite. Available in a gloss or frost finish, the color variation within the tiles gives you the look of exquisite craftsmanship that's reminiscent of the changing seas.

Glass tile placed on an accent wall can also draw attention to a focal point in your bathroom. Surrounding an antique tub with a blue glass tile mosaic provides a sparkling backdrop, for example. Another option is to create a calming waterfall effect using a few linear columns of bright Abstracts tile mixed in with a darker tile on your shower walls.

Oftentimes, it's those moments when you're most relaxed that your creativity reaches new heights. This summer, while you're kicking back and enjoying the mild weather, consider how you can make the warmest season last in your residential designs. A summer-inspired bathroom design provides a fabulous opportunity to experiment with brightly colored glass tile. Make the most of the natural light that enters the bathroom by incorporating small touches of glass tile. It will not only capture and reflect light, but add sparkle and shine to your space. Even if you're thousands of miles from the tropics, you can evoke the restfulness of the sun, sand, a cool ocean breeze, and the shade of a palm tree with the use of glass tile.