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8 Recent Trends in Bathroom Renovations

Over the years, bathrooms have transformed from basic, often overlooked areas of a home into rooms to pamper yourself in a spa-like atmosphere. Gone are the days of limited bath decor encompassing a basic tub and shower combination, a single sink, and harsh lighting. Today's bathroom upgrades can turn this part of your home into a relaxing haven you can use to escape from the daily grind. If you're considering redecorating, here are some of the most popular recent trends in bathroom renovations.

1. Dramatic Tile Is Trending

Floor and wall coverings have become increasingly dramatic, and new bathroom tile can serve as a focal point. Textured tiles and glass mosaics add stunning depth to your walls, and will last longer than patterned wallpaper. Try using linear tiles or geometric shapes, such as octagons or hexagons, in place of simple square tiles.

Tiles now come in a variety of sizes as well, making it easier to scale your design to fit the size of your bathroom. While monochromatic schemes are still popular for tile floors, multicolored choices provide a wider range of options. Interspersing glass accent tiles on the walls will guarantee an updated, contemporary look. Alternating dramatic black and white tiles also provide a modern twist. Along with tile innovations, the use of grout as a decorative accent has also been noted in bathroom design trends. For example, highlight a white subway tile with dark gray grout for a modern twist on a classic style.

Pietre Bianca 18 x 18 on the floor in a grid pattern. Wall features Terra Marrone 12 x 20 Interlocking accent with Solare Glass in Mint 1 x 1 mosaic

2. Environmentally Friendly Products Are in Demand

Bathrooms are one part of the house where you can focus on green living. New toilets use much less water per flush, and sensor-activated faucets designed for residential use minimize water usage. Some tiles are an environmentally friendly choice due to natural composition and long life cycle, which limits future usage of natural resources and flooring materials. Tiles, specifically glass tiles, are also increasingly being made with recycled materials.

Candid Heather Honed Marble in 12 x 12 on the floor. Wall features Candid Heather 12 x 24 in a brick pattern with Candid Heather modern stack mosaic, chair rail, and pencil rail

3. Shower and Bathtub Styles Are Shifting

Rather than one combined shower and tub, modern bathrooms have shifted toward separate shower and bath areas. Showers are larger and feature walk-in entries with easy-to-clean frameless glass doors. Whirlpool tubs have been replaced in favor of classic, freestanding tubs, which have become the focal point of many professionally designed bathrooms. If you decide to go this route, consider using a tile wall behind the freestanding tub to create a dramatic effect.

4. Spa-Like Serenity Is Sought After

After devoting significant time and energy to a bathroom renovation, you'll want the end result to be lovely and relaxing. Many modern bathroom renovations are modeled after spas, striving to achieve the feeling of stepping into your very own private paradise. The use of glass tile in your bathroom will really add a clean, yet fancy, feel to the space.

For the ultimate in comfort, heated flooring has become a more popular addition in bathroom renovations. The ability to listen to music through newly installed wall speakers also adds another layer of serenity to your bathroom.

5. Natural Elements Are Commonly Used

Incorporating natural materials into a bathroom design creates a calming atmosphere. At home, consider a porcelain tile that resembles wood to add a touch of exotic design and warmth to your decor. Consider installing a small waterfall that features stones. The sound of water flowing will help create a very soothing bathroom atmosphere. Tropical indoor plants and the maximization of natural lighting will complete your natural decor.

6. Gray Is the New Neutral

Colors go in and out of vogue, and recently gray has surged in popularity. Gray color schemes are used by many decorators as the new neutral. In contrast, beige tones have become less popular. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association's most recent report on bathroom design trends, white is also still fashionable in contemporary bathroom designs. Additionally, interior designers surveyed for the National Kitchen and Bath Association said that softer shades of purple are being seen more frequently in bathroom renovations.

7. Innovative Lighting Is Being Incorporated

Adequate lighting is extremely important in the bathroom, especially above mirrors and vanities. In addition to traditional bathroom light fixtures above the sink, designers are branching out and finding innovative ways to incorporate both natural light and new illuminating fixtures. Adding a window, if possible, is one way to incorporate light naturally. Take advantage of your natural light by installing glass mosaic tile to your walls, which can brighten your room by reflecting more of the light.

LED lighting is also moving into bathrooms for the purpose of adding colorful, contemporary illumination. LED strip lights can highlight task areas, such as the mirror or sink, for extra brightness needed to get through a dark morning or nighttime routine. To add elegance, try featuring a glamorous chandelier light. Small pendant lights are also an up-and-coming bathroom trend. The result of these innovative new lighting options is a dressed-up, well-lit space that is sure to flow with the rest of your home.

Current Cream in 12 x 12 on floor

8. Universal Design Is Being Embraced

When renovating a bathroom, it helps to think long-term to maximize your investment. You're probably hoping to get many years of use out of your new bathroom. With this thought in mind, there are some universal design trends that have gained in popularity, and will leave you with a classic look you will continue to love over time. A universal design will feature neutral colors and designs that will appeal to most people. They allow everyone to live comfortably and age gracefully in their home - even if the bathroom is in a multigenerational home. Larger-sized, walk-in showers with benches are one example of a universal design feature. Another element is increased vanity height, which will help your back by preventing the need to bend over when you're engaged in your morning routine.

Bathroom renovation trends come and go, so it's important to stay true to yourself and find stylish elements you'll love for a long time. A complete bathroom remodel is not an everyday project. Keep in mind that modern bathroom renovations often go beyond trendy decor. Many bathroom upgrades can make your space more environmentally friendly, more appealing to the eye, and more user friendly. In other words, you're investing in more than just cosmetic beauty - you're also creating a functional living space and taking advantage of the latest advances in home design and technology.