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Adding Glass Wall Tiles to Your Design

You can turn to glass wall tiles to give any room of a home the life, color, and character it deserves. So why design a space that's surrounded by flat, plain walls when you can make them shine and create a charming, elegant, unforgettable look? If you're ready to add glass tile to your design, here are some tips and inspirational ideas to keep in mind.

Photo features Marble Weave Great Wall in Offset Marble Glass Mosaic on the wall.

Give a Home Modern Flair

What can you imagine doing with glass tiles? Whatever it is, it's probably possible. The great thing about glass is that it can be cut to any shape, placed in any pattern, and found in just about any color. The Crosswood line of glass tile, for instance, is designed in hexagonal shapes to create a clean, gleaming modern look. The tiles come in a selection of soft color shades that allow you to easily incorporate accent pieces to bring out the best of the glass. Put glass on the walls of a kitchen, bathroom, bar area, or any room that needs a modern touch.

Photo features Fortify Rock in Block Random Glass & Stone Mosaic on the wall.

Mix Classic and New Designs in One Look

The best designs aren't about just one standout element-they're about bringing together all the elements of a room. Fortify glass wall tile was designed with that idea in mind. These tiles are a beautiful blend of stone and glass, and come in various color designs-from light to dark. In any shade, these mosaic tiles blend the look of natural stone with the glitter of modern glass. This gives you an opportunity to pull all sorts of design elements from the tile that's featured and play against several color tones.

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Fill the Space with Luxury Design

Want to add a little luxury to any room? Add Marble Weave to the walls. These tiles combine natural stone and glass in a gorgeous mosaic pattern that's held together with the look of high-end marble. The shine of glass and the beauty of marble both allow you to easily add elegance to any bathroom, spa area, or bar. Made with varying shades of color in soft, natural hues, these tiles make it possible to change the design of the room around them while still keeping their luxurious look intact.

Photo features Crosswood Pelican in Hexagonal Glass Mosaic on the wall.

Add More Color

Glass wall tiles are the perfect way to brighten and lighten any room. So instead of just a pop of color, why not create an entire wall of color? For instance, the Abstracts line of glass tile is so beautiful that you'll be tempted to use it throughout a home. Create a bold backsplash that covers the kitchen walls, a big accent wall in the living room, or a gleaming strip of color that winds its way around an entire room. The Abstracts line comes in a range of colors, and the simple design this tile offers makes it easy for you to create any look you're after.

Who needs flat, colorless walls? With the right glass tile, you can add color, texture, glitter, and shine to any space in a home. Visit your nearest American Olean dealer to get started on the glass designs you've always wanted to bring to life.