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Basement Bar Ideas to Impress Any Guest

When you're searching for new basement bar ideas to take your project to the next level, consider using tile, which is a medium that's always evolving in color, texture, and style. Keep in mind that when you're in charge of designing a below-ground entertainment area, you typically have to up the ante to create an impressive space. You'll have to opt for quality materials and implement warm design elements to eradicate the chilliness that's often associated with basements. To help you get started, here are some inspirational tips and ideas.

Give the Ceiling a Lift

A low ceiling is more of an issue when you're designing a home gym or a space that houses a pool table, for example, and less of a problem for a simple bar area. However, you should still try to create the look of more height when working with a basement space. Luckily, it isn't always necessary to excavate or reconfigure the basement to do so.

In the bar area, consider using a standard-height counter instead of a typical bar counter, and then pair it with adjustable stools. In this case, make sure the counter is extremely appealing to the eye to make up for its short stature. You can dress it with the latest jewel tone or metallic mosaic tile, and then top it with an organically beautiful, timeless slab top that hangs over the bar stools below.

Photo features Sable 24 x 24 on the floor in a grid pattern. Wall features Sable 12 x 24 tile.

Whether you go with a low counter or not, you can make the room look taller by creating a linear effect on the walls. For example, run rectangular or wood-look plank tiles vertically to create a focal wall feature that makes the room appear taller than it is.

Add Warm and Welcoming Touches

A basement transformation is a success when you manage to reduce its cold persona, and turn it into a warm, welcoming space. You'll have a hard time finding a product that achieves this better than one inspired by wood. Many bars tout natural wood walls and flooring, but a porcelain wood-look floor is perfect for a basement because of its long-lasting characteristics and resistance to moisture. Not only do wood-look floor tiles offer visual warmth, but they can warm your feet if they're installed with an in-floor heating system.

If you want to feature a material other than wood-look tile, try creating an upscale, sultry bar atmosphere with slate or quartzite flagstone underfoot. These options come in assorted warm colors, including gold, copper, rich blue-black, and ebony. Slate's beautiful texture provides visual movement and plenty of drama to help any guest forget they're underground.

Plan Lighting Carefully

Basement bedrooms require windows for egress, and home offices benefit from natural light, but basement bars don't need either—in fact, low lighting adds to the bar's moodiness. In addition, a dimly lit bar is ideal for watching TV, which is perfect if you're going for a sports-bar vibe. If the plan is to remodel more of the basement space—now or later—design the bar in a central area, leaving the perimeter walls and windows in case you decide to add a bedroom or office to the design.

That said, the basement still requires light. Install directional lighting and fixtures that operate on dimmer switches so you can brighten the space when necessary. For example, you can turn up the lights when mixing drinks, and then dim them to soften the setting. Again, reflective surfaces keep the space from appearing gloomy, so include plenty of sparkle with glass, metallic, high-gloss, and pale-colored materials.

When coming up with basement bar ideas, don't forget the details such as the accessories and lighting. You can also transform the space by opting for the right tile, which can be used on the actual bar or one of the walls. Use these creative tips, and you'll end up with a basement that your friends and family will envy.