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Bathroom Tile Ideas for Creating a Spa Environment

Whether your style is classic and traditional or sleek and urban, the right bathroom tile ideas can help transform your space into a spa-like retreat. Start by choosing floor and wall tile to create a solid foundation for your space. Then enhance your bathroom with lighting, window treatments, and decor that resembles a soothing spa-like retreat. Here are a few inspirational tips to help you choose the right tile for your new oasis.

Inspire Relaxation

A relaxing spa environment in your master bath is probably just what you need to unwind after a busy day. When creating your personal spa, think of decor and elements that are relaxing to you. Do you prefer a simple, Zen-like atmosphere with few distractions, or is the ambiance of a Tuscan villa more your style? You can also improvise with existing features of your bathroom and home architecture. For example, if you find nature calming but your bathroom lacks views of the outdoors, go with bathroom tile ideas that help bring nature inside.

If simple spaces help you relax, try going for a monochromatic look. You can achieve visual and textural interest by using multiple sizes or shapes of tile in a single or similar color. As an example, tile the lower half of the walls with Color Appeal subway tile, then add a trim of mosaic tile in the same color. You can use the same mosaic tile as an accent around mirrors or alcoves. You can also enhance monochromatic color schemes by adding glass or metallic tile accents in similar or contrasting colors.

Photo features Felicity Vintage Mint in Hexagonal Structured Glass Mosaic on the wall.

Add Unexpected Elements

A key theme in spa design is peaceful relaxation, but you don't have to limit your bathroom tile ideas to simple choices and solid colors. A great way to add some edginess is to incorporate metallic tile into your design. For example, you could create a soothing environment using pale neutrals and accent one wall with a soft metallic patterned tile such as Graphic Effects in Grayscale or an even softer pattern such as Aspect Almond. You can also place tile in an unusual configuration. For example, consider placing traditional subway tile vertically instead of horizontally. Try mixing it up on large expanses of wall to create visual interest and avoid a monotonous look.

Mosaic tiles are also a great element for creating a relaxing space that still has visual interest. They can be used to cover an entire wall or as an accent within a tile application. Depending on the color scheme you choose, mosaic tile can offer a soothing palette of neutral tones, or can be used to accent mirror surrounds and backsplashes in bright color combinations. Generations glass mosaic tile is a great example of mosaic patterns in neutral color schemes. For bolder color schemes, check out the Color Appeal collection of glass mosaic tiles, which ranges in color from neutral and pastel to bright solids and blends. The clean shine of glass will infuse a feeling of relaxation into any bathroom.

Invite Mother Nature Inside

Incorporating natural elements into your design is a great way to promote relaxation and unwind. Think about what your favorite vacation destination is. Do you cherish walking on the sand along the shore, or is a peaceful retreat at a rustic cabin your favorite way to escape from reality? Create your spa design around one of your favorite places in nature for a result that you can enjoy for years to come.

Try recreating the feeling of soothing sand and calming waves in your bathroom. You can do this by choosing blue and green tiles for your bath or shower surround, and picking neutral, sandy tones for the floor and walls. Try going with tiles that have rounded edges, such as Felicity hexagonal mosaic tile, which resembles the sea and will add dimension to your seascape getaway.

If you feel more relaxed when you're visiting a lakeside cabin, try going with tile that's inspired by the forest. For example, consider using wood-tone tile, such as Decorum, as a flooring material, and then enhance the look by incorporating tiles and accents that feature botanical colors, such as Garden Oasis. If you want your floors to look like real wood, consider using a glazed porcelain wood-look tile such as Creekwood.

Photo features Resin Travertine tub soap dish, corner caddies and towel bar bracket with Tumbled Stone Azteca 6 x 6 field tile and 2 x 21 chair rail; Puerto Gold 6 x 6 field tile, 2 x 12 chair rail and 1 x 1 brick joint; and Azteca/Puerto Gold 2

Keep It Subtle

Come up with innovative decor ideas, but dial back the impact a bit. The key is to keep your design clean and simple. For instance, instead of installing an undersea mural in your shower surround, consider using tile that resembles seawater or seashells. If you're going for a desert-themed oasis, skip the faux cow skull and prickly cactus, and consider using tile in taupe, sage, and sand tones to create a gentle desert vibe. You could also revamp your bathroom to resemble a cool grotto or rustic retreat with natural stone tile, wood-effects tile, and glass tile in blue and green shades. Achieve subtlety by working with inspirational themes rather than attempting to create an exact rendition of your favorite place outdoors.

Create a Focal Point<

To truly transform your bathroom into a relaxing paradise, include your favorite plant or decor item as a focal point. Understated decor works best, and one plant or scented pillar candle can do the trick. Working a favorite thing or two into your spa decor will make your new spa environment personally pleasing. Then frame a small area of your bathroom with a colorful tile to give the item a perfect backdrop. This will draw the eye toward the focal point, and you—and your guests—will be able to look at and enjoy your favorite item.

Whether you're coming up with bathroom tile ideas for your own home or a client, taking time to understand what represents relaxation to you or your client is essential. This will help you build a retreat that's meaningful and enjoyable for those who spend time there. If you're trying to choose between several ideas for a spa, check out our Inspiration Gallery for help finding the right tile products for your project.