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Designing a Bold Bathroom Backsplash

When a space is designed right, it can immediately change your mood and stop you in your tracks—and the same is true of the right bathroom backsplash. Luckily, with the right tile design, you can make a backsplash shine, and all guests will immediately stop and take notice. All you need is a few great backsplash ideas, and then your biggest problem will be trying to choose just one.

Use Color to Catch the Eye

When you want to make a bold design statement, just add color. For example, you can use the Color Appeal line to create a bold splash of color with the bathroom backsplash. Try mixing multiple shades of the same hue such as bright cherry red and a more subdued auburn red to create a tile pattern that's unique to the space.

Photo features Sea Cliff Blend in Glass & Natural Stone 3 x Random Mosaic on the wall.

Design a Pattern to Hold the Room Together

Make the bathroom feel more lively and vibrant with a patterned backsplash. For example, the Garden Oasis line offers matching tile accents. Incorporate strips of color or a bar of mosaic tile to brighten and liven up any backsplash, and create a pattern that helps to tie the entire room together. Play off the shapes and colors in the tile by adding other accents to the room that complement your design and create a look that makes a big impression.

Add Texture and Dimension to Your Design

Give the bathroom a more rustic, earthy feel by using tile with texture. Not all tiles simply lay flat against the wall. For example, Jubilance glass tile marries marble and glass together to create a textured backsplash design. Touch the wall and you can feel the difference in the small mosaic pieces, and you can see the difference when you step back to observe the overall design. Adding a little texture to the bathroom backsplash adds a whole new dimension to the space.

Photo features Abstracts Fountain Blue in 4 x 12 Wavy Glass Tile on the wall.

Create Style with Embellishments

Make the bathroom backsplash look more modern by making it stand out with tile embellishments. For instance, use a tile such as the Felicity line to design a look that will stand out. Add textured or boldly colored tiles to the mosaic pattern, and add small embellishments throughout the design to create a modern, asymmetrical look. There's a certain harmony in chaotic design, and this look will give the bathroom cutting-edge style.

Stick to Traditional Elegance

Do you want to create cool, classic look for the bathroom? Renewal glass tile is made with soothing color tones and shades that offer a look that's traditional and elegant, but not boring. Classic mosaic design has been stylish for hundreds of years, and it adds beauty to any bathroom.

The backsplash is one of the first design elements you see when you walk into the bathroom, so design one that reflects your style and personality. Whether you choose to focus on color, pattern, texture, or a particular design theme, look for tile that will help you create the perfect look. With so many options to choose from, you can't go wrong with tile.