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Designing with Gray Tile Floors at Home and at the Office

Move over beige. Gray is the new neutral when it comes to tile floors. The understated versatility that gray evokes has taken the design industry by storm, inspiring both trendy homeowners and style-conscious commercial architects. For home and office designs, gray floor tiles deliver a sleek and stylish look, creating a dramatic focal point that can be paired with a variety of color and design schemes.

Whether you prefer lighter or darker hues, you can't go wrong by infusing gray tile floors into your residential or commercial office project. Here are some inspirational ideas:

Go Gray at Home

A modern home should combine traditional design with a sleek, modern aesthetic. When choosing tile that works well within this design, consider the Infusion line of porcelain tile in Gray Fabric. This gray field tile comes in a variety of sizes that range from linear 2 x 24 planks to large-format 24 x 24 sizes. The trendy fabric appearance will add a refreshing texture to your home, whether you choose to use it on the walls or floors. For your home, the longer plank 4 x 24 tiles will look great on the floor of your kitchen.

For a rustic twist, consider the Laurel Heights porcelain tile in Charcoal Crest. Whether influenced by current trends or conventional tastes, this tile denotes genuine character and modern allure. Use it in your bathroom, and watch as your unique, gray-focused vision comes to life with the flexibility and grace that this travertine-inspired tile provides.

Photo features Gray Summit 12 x 24 in a brick pattern on the floor and 12 x 18 on the wall, with 2 x 4 brick-joint mosaics on the wall.

Take Gray to the Office

Commercial developers and architects who are looking to make a statement with their clients should consider pitching the idea of gray floor tiles. Bland commercial office spaces are a thing of the past. Today's employers are looking to inspire their employees and create positive corporate cultures. With American Olean's new focus on achieving corporate design excellence, these goals are now possible to attain in the workplace.

While longer planks are most effective in the home, consider going with large-format 24 x 24 field tiles at the office for a more professional, streamlined flooring look. Don't be afraid to mix in geometric patterns, which have been a long-time trend in commercial design. Dramatic looks, such as the movement found within the Avenue One series, are gaining in popularity because they allow commercial designers to make bold statements that can inspire employees to feel more at home in the office.

The bottom line is that gray tile floors are no passing trend. Their staying power rests on their seamless ability to mix in effortlessly with various colors and design styles regardless of where they are installed.