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Happy And Healthy: 4 Reasons Why Tile Is The Right Choice

Photo features Harvest Grove Walnut 6 x 24 field tile on the floor.

Making choices about flooring and wall coverings shouldn't be too difficult. But it's not just about color, texture, and design anymore. You worry about traction, allergies, and how easy it will be to clean a surface, not to mention the daily warnings and exposés about toxins and emissions.

Here are four things you'll definitely want to hear about when shopping for surfaces.

Tile is Natural

Tile is made of clay and other naturally occurring minerals. That's an important consideration when your clients are worried about keeping materials out of their spaces that have potential adverse health effects.

Tile has NO

  • VOCs
  • Formaldehyde
  • PVC

Ceramic tile is rarely if ever a culprit of "Sick Building Syndrome" and other environmental illnesses and respiratory concerns that you hear about in the news today. Beyond being made of natural elements, any potentially dangerous materials are burned off during the firing of the tile.

Tile is Safe

Tile has some first rate qualities that make it one of the safest surfaces available.

Tile IS

  • Available with enhanced traction
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fire resistant

Technology in recent years has decreased slip and fall danger—even when tile is wet. You can select tile with added traction for even better slip resistance for surfaces that might usually pose more of a risk like around the pool or other outdoor applications. Be sure to double check application recommendations and DCOF ratings so you recommend a tile that meets the needs of the client.

Compared to other floor surfaces, tile is the champ when it comes to being hypoallergenic. There's little place for dust, pollen, or critters to hide and cause asthma trouble.

Tile is also fire resistant. It already went through a 3000 degree kiln so fire doesn't pose much of a problem for tile. It has no smoke development in a fire so there's less smoke damage overall if disaster does strike.

Photo features Zen herringbone mosaic on backsplash.

Tile is Durable

Everybody knows that durability is the hallmark of tile. But next time you client is concerned about durability, go the extra mile and tell them why tile is so durable.

Tile IS

  • Chemical resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • 60 year life span
  • Can go outside, in wet areas, or in the pool
  • Resistant to heavy foot traffic and wheel traffic

You won't want to use heavy chemicals to clean your tile, but you could if you really needed to. It resists chemicals and chemical spills. Many tiles can withstand the weather too, from the hottest Arizona day to a freezing Minnesota winter. Just make sure to recommend a tile that is rated for exteriors.

Tile has a 60 year life span. Actually, you will want to update your tile long before it wears out—but the point is you don't have to. Ancient Turkish baths still have intact tile in perfect working order. If breakage does occur, it's a matter of replacing the one tile instead of the whole floor.

Commercial builders have long relied on tile to meet the demand. It handles heavy foot traffic and even wheel traffic. Tile also offers commercial spaces a bit of style. Tile isn't institutional these days, it offers high design with the same durability.

Tile is Cleanable

Tile has always been very easy to clean. Even with the new textures available today, cleanability is still simple. No special products or chemicals required.

Tile IS

  • Stain resistant
  • Easy to sterilize

With other floor surfaces, a dropped glass of red wine could be cause for distress. But with tile, it's no big deal. It resists stains. If clients are still concerned, tell them to seal the tile and grout to keep their floors looking great—even in high-traffic.

Hospitals and other care facilities need to be able to sterilize floors without worrying about damaging surfaces. Tile is easy to sterilize and can be sterilized over and over without injury.

Tile has a lot of great features. It's not hard to see that it's the natural fit in just about any space. Why tile? That's why!

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