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Metal Tiles: 4 Finishes That Offer Beauty and Style

Metal tiles are growing in popularity as more homeowners opt for materials that are different from the norm for their kitchens and bathrooms. But this is no passing trend. With proper care and maintenance, metallic tiles are a durable tile option that will last for many years, and serve as a striking focal point in any kitchen or bathroom.

If you're interested in adding metallic tiles to your design, you might be wondering which finish to go with. The Refined Metals and Saxon Metals collections, for example, combine the beauty of a metallic finish with the durability of long-lasting materials. Featuring various stainless, gunmetal, bronze, and iron finishes, these two lines of tile are perfect for making a statement within your home. They feature designs that will complement both traditional and contemporary spaces. Made right here in the United States with recycled content, these tiles are also available in popular sizes that are designed to work in tandem with other types of tile.

Photo features Refined Metals Stainless 4 x 8 field tile and Stainless & Gunmetal Blend 12 x 12 interlocking mosaic on the wall.

The reflective nature of metallic tiles make them easy and versatile to work with as your design preferences shift throughout the years. They can create a beautiful backsplash or accent wall that can serve as the centerpiece of a room or as a smaller design element, such as a border or accent. The metallic finish is often protected by a sealant to make it stain- and scratch-resistant, and the rich color and sleek appeal of the metallic finish can transform any room into a modern, elegant encapsulation of your personal design style. American Olean metallic tiles are protected by Q-Seal, which is a permanent sealer that protects against abrasion, staining, and water damage. It's applied at the factory and never needs to be resealed.

Here is a deeper, in-depth look at four of the most popular metallic tile finishes, along with some ideas for how you-the savvy homeowner-can fit them into your design repertoire. For maximum results, be creative in your application and stop by your local retail dealer to get better idea of tile sizing, finishes, and options. You'll be making metallic masterpieces in no time.


The primary reason that homeowners choose to include stainless-look tiles in their design is because of their sleek, industrial finish. If you're planning on using them within your kitchen design, focus on the eye's natural tendency to start with the most prominent point of a room and then scan the complementary pieces. Choose smaller metal tiles for a backsplash area that serves as the centerpiece of your space, then sprinkle in additional touches of other metals such as bronze or copper in your other design pieces. This strategy will give your room a well-rounded design with metallic touches at the forefront of your style. The different size and options that are available will make your choice a diverse one. As with any metallic tile, the stainless finish is very easy to clean. Wiping it down with water and a microfiber cloth does the trick for most minor spills or splashes. A weekly wash with warm water and a light soap will keep metallic tiles looking great over the years, no matter how much use you're throwing their way. This is a convenient feature, especially compared to other materials that may require special attention.


If you're looking for a sophisticated tile that's similar to stainless steel but has a darker tone, gunmetal might be the perfect finish you're looking for. Gunmetal is shiny, sleek, and looks great in rooms that feature light wood cabinetry and industrial styling. One major benefit of opting for tile that has a gunmetal finish is its ability to work with other materials. Because of its rich color, gunmetal tile will pick up the colors surrounding it. This makes it perfect for mixing with other colors, finishes, and styles of tile to create a design combination that's totally unique. This allows for design versatility, as you can change out decorative pieces or colors without taking away from metal's timeless look. Consider pairing gunmetal and stainless finishes for a stunning array of silvers that will work together to form a unique tiled area, no matter where you decide to place it.


A backsplash built with bronze-finished metal tiles can completely transform any area of your home. Working as an alternative to real copper tiles, which can oxidize over time, a bronze-finished tile combines the beauty of copper with the long-lasting capabilities of tile. Bronze finishes are available in different shades, allowing you to choose from light or dark, or combine both for a unique, striking metallic design. If you just want to accent your backsplash with metallic tile, consider opting for a material that's framed by bronze-finished metallic tiles. This will help to make your backsplash pop, while also giving it a distinct border.


An iron metallic finish in your kitchen or bathroom tile design can give any space an old-world feel. Its humble characteristics and realistic attributes are perfect for matching with other natural materials, such as stonelike quartz or granite. Glass tile also looks great when paired with iron. Iron's darker tones convey warmth and elegance at the same time, which is perfect for the most-used rooms in your home. Its darker shade means that glass tiles can also work well with iron finishes, providing a stark contrast between materials that can take your room's design to the next level. Try incorporating iron-look tiles on your kitchen walls, and don't forget to consider decorative pieces that feature scrolls or vine-like designs. Mix these in at different depths to set off your backsplash or statement wall designs.

As your kitchen renovation gets under way, remember to explore the versatile mix of metallic tile finishes, including stainless, gunmetal, bronze, and iron. You have plenty to choose from when trying to pull off the perfect backsplash or statement wall. Metal tiles offer the refinement of classic design without the worry of the material breaking down or changing appearance. Remember to research specific product specifications in order to care for your materials in the correct way. A little preparation now can save you plenty of headaches as your tile ages.