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Outdoor Tiles Can Spruce Up Your Patio

If summer barbecues and outdoor parties are in your near future, it's time to take a hard look at your current patio. Ask yourself: Are your outdoor tiles all they can be? Do they shine as a collective centerpiece of your backyard, or are they simply there? If your patio leaves a lot to be desired, it might be easier than you think to spruce up your entertaining space.

Photo features Golden Sun quartzite natural cleft flagstone on the floor.

Identify Any Problem Spots

Before you overhaul certain areas of your patio or add design pieces, you should first be concerned with a few areas that may need to be repaired. Old Man Winter and heavy springtime rain can damage your patio floor, making it shift or even crack under the elements. Cracked stones are easy to spot, but you'll also want to take a step back to check for any uneven portions of your patio. From your yard, get to eye level with your patio, making note of any tiles that are raised or sunken compared to the surrounding ones.

Fortunately, sprucing up your hardscape is as simple as removing the damaged pieces, replacing the mortar underneath, and filling the gaps with a new tiles. If your patio looks to be beyond repair or out of your comfort level to repair, it may be time to call in a contractor to take care of the project. If your outdoor flooring is in need of a complete replacement, you should consider going with a versatile, long-lasting tile suited for exterior application.

Get Inspired By Design Trends

Repairing or replacing your hardscape gives you the opportunity to either complement the design of your home or to create a new living space with its own unique appeal. Most homeowners are looking for variety in their outdoor tile, especially considering all the different home styles out there.

Natural stone tile is always at the top of the list for homeowners looking for smooth, natural textures that are also long-lasting. Natural stone tile comes in a variety of styles and finishes that will complement any outdoor space. Natural stone tile and stone-look porcelain tile are extremely popular because they work well in outdoor spaces, blending in with the surrounding natural environment. And, with proper sealing, homeowners can look forward to years of outdoor activities on their beautiful stone patio floor.

American Olean's Slate and Sandstone Collection comes in a variety of shades and size options. This line is a great example of how natural stone tile offers the beauty of high-end floor tile with the strength and durability necessary for outdoor conditions.

Consider Large Tiles

How many outdoor tiles does it take to cover your patio? A lot, that's how many! For homeowners with large patios, many are opting for larger patio tiles. Many patio areas can exceed several hundred square feet. Larger tiles, such as 12" x 18" tiles, tend to look better in these areas because they reduce the number of visible grout lines between the tiles, giving the patio an expansive, seamless look.

Remember all the factors that go into pulling off the perfect patio: style, durability, and size. After you've selected your materials and installed your new tiles, it's time to invite guests over to see your finished product. Your patio will not only be the new focal point of your outdoor space, but it will be a place where you can make memories for years to come.