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Stainless Steel Backsplash Ideas

A stainless steel backsplash offers a neutral look that can uplift many designs whether it's a pleasing traditional or transitional layout, an ultramodern industrial setting, or something in between. For consistency, it's often best to use similar materials throughout the home or at least in adjoining rooms. When you pair a stainless steel backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom with similar materials, the design flows effortlessly from room to room. Consider the following ideas when getting your renovation underway.

Choosing a Style

Consistent form namely through similar shapes helps establish a home's vibe. Focus on a room's main features such as the shape and pattern of the backsplash, or the furniture's straight lines or curvy details. If you're going for a rustic or country effect, look to pieces that feel like they stemmed from the wilderness, such as hammered stainless steel backsplash tile in a satin finish, vintage trinkets that have a rich patina, or repurposed antlers that serve as towel hooks or are worked into a candle display.

Alternatively, create a timeless Zen or modern Scandinavian design by opting for a glossy stainless steel metallic tile in a linear stripe or simple interlocking mosaic pattern. For instance, the Refined Metals collection offers attractive neutral options to use alone or in combination in order to establish the style of your choice. Keep the mood mellow with additional minimalist details and finishes like unobstructed windows, bare wood elements, and pale gray fabrics.

Photo features Saxon Metals in Iron 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 field tile and Arbour accent, 1 x 12 Torello and 2 x 12 chair rail on the walls and Tumbled Stone Botticino and Mocha 12 x 12 on the floor.

Balancing Stainless Steel Tile

When you're tackling a bathroom or kitchen makeover, it's smart to start with a standout feature, such as decorative tile, and then select materials to complement or counter it. For instance, stainless steel metallic tile that nods to industrial design goes well with bathroom- and kitchen-savvy porcelain floor tile that resembles concrete, such as Concrete Chic. Expand on an industrial kitchen's satisfying unfinished look or rawness with oversize metal light fixtures, open-shelf upper cabinets, corkscrew counter stools, stoneware, and black iron accessories. Cover the walls with a streamlined brick tile, such as Bricktown, for a trendy exposed look and easy maintenance.

On the other hand, you can develop richness in a lively home with classic architecture by countering a cool, ageless stainless steel metallic tile backsplash with a mix of warm, complementary metals and woods. For instance, take advantage of the iron details in the Saxon Metals line, and pair it with polished brass cabinet pulls on dark wood-tone cabinetry and oil-rubbed bronze faucets, hardware, and light fixtures.

Photo features Refined Metals Stainless 4 x 8 field tile and Stainless & Gunmetal Blend 12 x 12 interlocking mosaic on the wall.

Creating Visual Links

Creating a visual connection to an adjoining space can be as easy as pairing a stainless steel brick-format tile on the living room fireplace surround or dining room focal wall with a stainless steel mosaic border on the kitchen backsplash. Use chrome table and chair legs, silver accessories, metal art, and stainless steel appliances to spread trendy metallic coolness throughout the home.

Considering the Color Scheme

A color scheme can blossom naturally when you consider the design's inspirational factors; for instance, you might decorate a cottage with muted floral notes and plenty of whites for airiness, or grow an organic setting with leaf-green wall paint and pale wood-tone tile floor planks like Creekwood in Birch Stream. A neutral stainless steel backsplash fits smartly into such delicate designs by offering a touch of edginess for balance without interrupting the scheme.

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