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Trending Colors and Tile Designs for Commercial Spaces

Today, commercial interior design is about much more than simply choosing functional colors, furniture, and flooring that can withstand heavy use. It's about creating a comfortable environment that projects a professional, cohesive image to employees and clients.

With today's attractive commercial-grade products, commercial interiors no longer have to sacrifice beauty in favor of durability. There are countless options in tile, paint, and furniture products that can give your space a contemporary, inspired feel. Choosing the right colors and tile designs for your space can affect the overall mood and productivity of those inside it. Here are some things to think about when planning the colors, patterns, and flooring for your space.

Go for Deep, Rich Tones

The color you choose sets the mood and tone for a space, and creates a lasting impression. In 2015, deep tones are the name of the game for commercial spaces, including charcoals and other shades of gray. For balance, these deep grays are paired with neutral ivory, stone, and taupe, and enlivened with pops of deep red or lush green.

Pantone®, a color industry leader, has named Marsala the 2015 color of the year. Marsala is a rich reddish brown that is warm and inviting, yet sophisticated. "Marsala enriches our mind, body, and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth," says Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of Pantone Color Institute. Pantone recommends combining Marsala with rich amber, bronzed shades of green, teal, and turquoise.

Sherwin-Williams® also chooses a color of the year, and although it's more intended for residential design, it could easily be used for an office, waiting area, hospital, or school. This year's color is Coral Reef, which is bold and outside the box. The mingling of red, pink, and orange is a very exuberant, lively hue. "Its unexpected versatility brings life to a range of design aesthetics,'' according to Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. Vibrant Coral Reef is the perfect partner for lavish greens, buttery amber, and coastal shades of blue.

Exclusive Plum, which was selected by Sherwin-Williams in 2014 as the color of the year, is a beautiful muted hue that looks elegant as a wall color, as well. Combine this color with a pale gray or stone tile design to add texture to your space.

Use a Neutral Tile Color

Whether you decide to go bold with Marsala or Coral Reef, or more muted with Exclusive Plum, these trendy colors pair beautifully with a neutral floor like American Olean's Stone Claire™ or Danya™ tiles. Both tiles are available in a range of neutral, textured color schemes that will offer a clean, versatile look for any commercial space. You can't go wrong with the rich, earthy tones that these tiles offer.

Photo features Coffee Shop 12 x 24 on the floor.

Incorporate Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns have been a long-time trend in commercial design. In the past, small geometric patterns were common, but dramatic patterns are gaining in popularity. These eye-catching designs help commercial designers make expressive statements that make memorable impressions. Using a light hand and having a good eye is important when putting together your design, however, because going overboard can create too much movement within the space.

Geometric patterns can be incorporated into commercial design through furniture upholstery, window treatments, or even an accent wall. If that's too much for your space, try incorporating accents of the pattern through elements such as decorative tile, art on the walls, or throw pillows. If you want to give your space an extra flair, consider taking it up a notch and incorporating exotic geometric patterns such as ikat or arabesque.

Wall coverings have come a long way, and they can add color, texture, and interest to an office, waiting and sitting areas, halls, and any other commercial space. When working with geometric wall coverings, it best to use them sparingly: one accent wall is usually enough. Paint the other walls in a color that matches that pattern to make the space look seamless.

Look for Tiles with Texture

If you love the idea of incorporating geometric patterns but don't necessarily want a bold print, you can still add texture to your walls with tile like American Olean's Graphic Effects™, which uses Visual Imaging technology to add texture to the tile to create an intricate visual effect. This creates a bold design statement for walls and the soft sheen provides a subtle shimmer effect for added ambiance in any space.

Photo features White Space and Deep Pigment in 12 x 24 on the wall.

Install Innovative New Flooring

In years past, commercial flooring was a bit boring. With all the exciting new flooring choices for 2015, this is no longer the case. Commercial floors can now be just as exciting as residential floors. There are dozens of beautiful, unique materials and tile designs to choose from.

Get Creative with Tile Designs

Yesterday's average 12x12-inch tiles are making way for plank- and specialty-shaped tile. You can even design with tile that looks like marble, stone, wood and other natural materials. These new options work well for commercial spaces. For example, wood is a beautiful, sustainable product for floors that delivers style and warmth to any room, but isn't always practical in the commercial setting.

Wood-look tiles, which are available in 6x24-inch planks and made from porcelain, are the perfect alternative. They're the ideal choice for offices, waiting areas, schools, and they've even been making an appearance in hospitals and medical clinics. American Olean offers excellent wood-look glazed porcelain tile with the beauty and texture of real wood that stands up to today's commercial demands. Arbor House™ and Terreno™ are two lines of porcelain tile that resemble stunning hardwood and include a wide variety of light and dark "stain" colors.

Photo features Terreno 6 x 24 in Smokewood in a random staggered pattern.

The bottom line is that commercial spaces don't have to incorporate traditional colors, patterns, and styles. These days, commercial interior designers are choosing colors and tile designs that are eye-catching and bold, textured and geometric, and modern and contemporary. Their efforts are bringing new life into old spaces.