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5 Unique Ways to Use Glass Mosaic Tile

A mosaic tile backsplash is easy to clean and is the perfect element to plan your design around because it comes in such a wide range of color schemes. While you've probably considered incorporating a glass mosaic backsplash into your kitchen or bathroom, there are many other ways to use this product within your home. Glass mosaics can help spruce up a bedroom, living room, dining room, or even a pantry. Take advantage of the following ideas to jump-start your next creative project.

Take Glass Mosaics Beyond the Backsplash

If you plan to use glass mosaic tiles in your bathroom, why stop at the backsplash? The small bacteria-resistant squares make an ideal toilet and shower surround. They can also help transform a dated tub into a piece of art when they are carried along its surrounding walls and front-facing apron. Use an all-glass mosaic pattern, or go with one that's mixed with metal or stone for an even more modern approach. If you plan to use bright-colored tile, tame its bold look with other neutral elements. You can achieve this by introducing white porcelain fixtures, slate flooring, and wood or other neutral-colored accents.

Photo features Strategies Silver Intention in Structured Railroad Mosaic on the wall.

Use Glass Mosaic Tile in the Living Room

Yes, you can use glass mosaic tile as a fireplace surround, but what about using it to create an elaborate focal wall? Imagine the floor-to-ceiling twinkle from a wall of colorful glass mosaics that work to pull together the overall look of a room. The light reflection of such a feature is only part of its appeal because this eye-catching display also acts as a smooth backdrop for plush seating. It also helps contribute to the textural balance of a room, which is a major key to keeping any space from appearing flat and uninteresting. Center a showstopping medallion amid the tiny tiles, or bypass the need for artwork by randomly placing three to five smaller medallions on a large wall.

Give the Pantry Some Pizzazz

Who says a pantry has to be unadorned? With a glass mosaic tile pattern on the walls, you can transform this space into an area that's more than something to admire. Tiled walls can also help avoid dings or nicks, and glass tile offers light reflection that will make this small space seem bigger and brighter than it is.

Revamp Your Dining Room

Similar to the living room, showcasing medallions in a feature wall of mosaic tile gives the dining room upscale appeal. Although you could replicate the look on the adjoining kitchen's backsplash, the result may end up being too over the top. Instead, go with a material like simple white subway tile in the kitchen, and then jazz it up with an accent tile strip. The strip should act as a subtle visual connection to the dining room's tile focal point.

Form a Tiled Headboard on the Bedroom Wall

When you're looking for a headboard that goes beyond the typical padded or spindle styles, consider creating your own glass mosaic headboard that is installed directly on the wall. This is a glitzy, versatile design element that can work with various styles, ranging from old-Hollywood glam to country chic, depending mostly on your choice of color and whether you include a medallion. A smooth, cool surface that backs lush, warm bedding can form textural balance for a bedroom that's anything but a visual snooze.

There are a number of ways that you can transform your home through the use of glass mosaic tile. If you're feeling inspired, check out American Olean's Virtual Catalog to get your design underway today.