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Using Tile in Small Bathroom Designs

In terms of design, the right tile can help you accomplish a lot. For instance, tile can be used in small bathroom designs to enhance the space, while making it look and feel bigger than it really is. So if you're working on a small bathroom renovation that you want to look stylish and contemporary, rather than tight and cramped, tile might be the perfect material to incorporate into your design.

Choose Space-Enhancing Colors

The colors you choose to incorporate into your design are more important than ever when you're working with a small space. In order to make a bathroom feel more spacious, you must choose the right colors. Bright whites, soft pastels, and light-colored shades will fill the room with light, giving it an open, airy feel.

Photo features Profiles 3 x 6 Bevel Tile and 2 x 6 Chair Rail in Ice White.

Make sure the elements of the space are light, neutral shades, even down to the smallest details. For instance, after you design your flooring and walls, consider adding details from the Ceramic Bath Accessories line. Opt for a paper holder, towel bar, or soap dish in a white or almond shade to add a clean, contemporary feel to the entire space.

Tile Half the Walls to Open Up the Room

Small bathrooms can easily feel close and cramped—especially if you aren't creating the right layout and design. For example, instead of tiling the bathroom walls all the way to the ceiling, you should only tile halfway up the wall in a small bathroom. This will help to elongate the walls, making the entire space feel bigger and more open.

You can then top the tile with a tile accent strip or chair rail to give it a polished look. If you're interested in adding tile to the walls, Ascend natural stone tile is a perfect option, and it comes in a variety of light shades that work well in small spaces.

Photo features Ascend Candid Heather Honed Marble in 12 x 12 on the floor. Wall features Candid Heather 12 x 24 in a brick pattern with Candid Heather modern stack mosaic, chair rail, and pencil rail.

Create an Illusion of Space with Metallic or Glass Tile

Mosaic tile creates a focal point in any bathroom, so it's a great way to make a small bathroom a lot more interesting. By adding reflective glass and metallic tile to the bathroom, you'll be able to draw in light to make the space look bigger. Mosaic tile that has reflective qualities, such as the Strategies glass tile line, helps to give the space texture and creates an illusion of depth and space. And aside from making the small room appear larger, this tile is also trendy and modern.

Tile can be used to your advantage when it's included in small bathroom designs. Tile allows you to play around with patterns and colors in order to create a look that has lots of personality and seems larger than it really is. Though it may be a small room, with the right style, a small bathroom can make a big impact.