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Design Made Simple: What’s Old is New

Delfino Glass available at Lowe's.

Delfino Glass available at Lowe's.

Vintage is in. Not only is it in, but it's returning with a fresh face. One of the hottest trends of 2017 is bringing back older trends with a twist of the contemporary added in. Whether you're thinking stained glass, floral patterns, or bold colors, every design needs a little vintage and vintage needs a little updating.

Here are two big design trends that have roots in the past and how they've been updated.

Cellar Wood available at Lowe's.

Cellar Wood available at Lowe's.

Mid-Century Modern Revamped

This style started appearing in the 1930s, enjoyed its height in the 50s and 60s, and never really went out of style. It's adapted itself to blend into every era since then. Today, Mid-Century Modern has freshened up with elements that are a bit cleaner and used more sparingly. The result is a transitional style flavored with Mid-Century.

Herringbone pattern on the floor in a wood-look tile like Cellar Wood is a nice update that adds the look of wood with the versatility of tile. A linear glass mosaic in classic Mid-Century colors makes a statement on walls, the fireplace, or backsplash. Use Delfino sparingly in unique places for a bigger impact. Hexagon and octagon shapes are also classic in this design. White and grey octagon and dot like Sausalito is a nice option for introducing Mid-Century style with an updated feel.

You'll also see lots of white with bold pops of color, clean lines, and minimalism. Textures generate interest and are sometimes the visual center of the room. Geometric patterns and classic black and white color schemes are also foundations for Mid-Century design today.

Stellaris available at Lowe's.

Stellaris available at Lowe's.

Farmhouse Updated

Farmhouse is another style that has lasted through the ages. It's a design that has been around since as far back as the 18th century but it's hotter than ever today. Millennials flock to the style adding their flair along the way. It's a comfortable, homey feel with an edge of the contemporary.

Wood with a rustic or reclaimed hint is a good starting point for a rustic Farmhouse look. Cellar Wood is a good wood-look tile for the Farmhouse sensibility. The higher contrast wood graphic combines dark and light for a natural wood look you might see in a vintage farmhouse. White subway tile is a safe bet for Farmhouse style. Try Starting Line or if you want to add some color, go with Stellaris, which offers a beautiful blue coloring that will make your design pop.

Other details that give you a freshened Farmhouse look include the farmhouse sink and homey painted furniture. Antique décor and elements like shiplap walls or rustic textures also add plenty of Farmhouse personality.

Don't be afraid to look back when designing your spaces. Vintage has a way of sticking around or coming back. Give your design the flair of simplicity. Bring your favorites from days of yore into the 21st century and find a place for them in your design.

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