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Green Building

Whether you're a commercial architect, interior designer, homebuilder or simply an interested homeowner, American Olean offers a tremendous variety of beautiful products that can help you construct or remodel in an environmentally responsible manner. We also have tools and resources in place to make the process of building a green home easier for you. The opportunities for building greener are limited only by your imagination.


Building green means incorporating environmental considerations and resource efficiency into every step of the design and construction process to minimize the overall impact on the environment. Green building practices help promote a whole-building approach to sustainability by addressing site orientation, water conservation, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.


A green home incorporates smart design, technology, construction and maintenance elements to significantly lessen a home's impact on the environment and improve the health of the people who live inside. A green home pays attention to energy efficiency, water and resource conservation, the use of sustainable or recycled products, and protecting indoor air quality.