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Tile Mosaic Designs: 6 Ideas for Todays White Kitchen

Tile mosaic designs can have a powerful, artsy effect on today's all-white kitchen. A modern take on a backsplash design often boasts a more organic finish and brings shades of off-white and pale gray into the scene. With so many options available, there's a backsplash for every white kitchen. Let's look at six tile mosaic options that can enhance the all-white effect.

1. St. Germain

Kitchens benefit from slightly warm hues that offer energy. For a white kitchen, turn to an off-white backsplash tile product with a hint of yellow. For instance, the Cream tile in the St. Germain line has a warm undertone that grounds a cool white room. This tile's linear design and fabriclike texture also present a fresh, modern look.

Photo features Bordeaux in Chameau 20 x 20, 13 x 20, 13 x 13, and 6-1/2 x 6-1/2 on the floor in a modular pinwheel pattern.

2. Refined Metals

Today's white kitchen is as much about reflective materials as it is about snowy schemes. By including crystal light fixtures, chrome hardware, and a metallic backsplash, you can make the design even more illuminating and clean. A silvery or metallic mosaic offers just a little contrast to white counters, and adds an edgy, upbeat vibe. For instance, check out the Refined Metals collection, which includes hammered and linear wave patterns. For visual connection, carry metallic tile to an adjoining family room or living room, and use it to adorn a focal wall or to surround a fireplace.

3. Bordeaux

The Bordeaux tile collection provides everything you need to surround a kitchen in warm white. Balance the beige tones in the Creme or Chameau tile hue with cool brushed-nickel hardware and stainless-steel appliances. You can then feature white marble, quartz, granite countertops with similar golden flecks to pick up on the tile's warmth. For the floor tile, choose a product with a buttery hue or go with dark flooring set with white grout to highlight everything above it.

Either way, tile flooring that has a handcrafted vibe, such as the Quarry Naturals line, helps ground or play down an otherwise white kitchen. The number of different tile and natural stone materials you use throughout the home plays a large role in determining how streamlined or bold the design appears, and finding the right mix of size, shape, color, and texture will lead to the result you're after.

Photo features Refined Metals Stainless 4 x 8 field tile and Stainless & Gunmetal Blend 12 x 12 interlocking mosaic on the wall.

4. Danya

Danya mosaic tile comes in a 3 x 3 format that will stand proud in any generously sized kitchen. Either the Stream or Cove color variation fits well within a white design. Pick up on your favorite tile's bits of gray or sand, and use this as a prompt for the room's flooring and accessories. Subtle, earthy whites like these put a modern spin on rustic or old-world designs that boast pale, rugged wood cabinetry, stone slab countertops, and kitchen-savvy tile floor planks.

5. Felicity

For the white kitchen that needs more texture and form, Felicity glass tile mosaic in Pearl delivers. The multifaceted design plays with light to bring even more attention to its modern good looks. It's typically best to use just one patterned tile within a single space, so keep the kitchen's other tile products simple and streamlined. Vary tiles in size and texture but relate them in color and shape.

Photo features Novelty Lapis in Herringbone Glass Mosaic on the wall.

6. Novelty

The bounced light and visual movement in Novelty's herringbone glass mosaic in Opal can take a white kitchen into glamorous territory. This lively material keeps clean, minimalist lines and streamlined finishes from becoming monotonous. It's also fine to add touches of pale wood alongside this tile for a little more warmth and organic energy.

When designing an all-white kitchen, the tile you choose for the backsplash will really stand out. Use these six tile options as inspiration when choosing the perfect white, off-white, or gray tile for your design. When you're ready to check out your tile options in person, head to your local American Olean retail dealer.