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Bathroom Tile Ideas for a Rustic-Style Home

Whether you live in a log cabin in the mountains, a lake house in Northern Wisconsin, a beach house on the Cape, or an industrial-style loft in the city, it isn't hard to make your bathroom feel rustic. Like a vacation away from reality, rustic-style design inspires us to leave our worries behind, get back to nature, rest, relax, and de-stress.

The key to designing a rustic bathroom is to come up with bathroom tile ideas that feature natural materials such as stone and wood, and then add a touch of metal. You'll end up with a relaxing atmosphere and a cozy space where you can enjoy a bath and feel closer to nature. Start by choosing a tile that goes with your rustic theme. The best option will either be natural stone (or stone-look) or wood-look tile. Once you choose the right tile, you can decide on a vanity, a countertop, and plumbing fixtures that go with the theme. Here are some more tips to help you design the perfect rustic bathroom.

Rustic French Country

Imagine that you're in a French country bathroom. It has cool stone walls, a tile or stone floor, rich bronze metal, and antique wood doors, shutters, and cabinets. Imagine the sights, sounds, scent, and feel, and then incorporate these elements into your design. Picture a copper tub and a copper, stone, or fireclay sink with rich bronze faucets, or a white pedestal claw-foot tub with a distressed wood vanity and slate sink. With that vision in your head, you are ready to start to come up with some bathroom tile ideas. They should include hues and materials such as copper, bronze, stone, and wood.

When deciding on the right tile, check out the Travertine Collection, which features stone tiles that recreate the cool stone found in a French country farmhouse, or the Ash Creek ceramic tile, which looks like rustic natural stone. The Vallano collection of glazed porcelain also has the cool look and feel of natural stone, and comes in shades of rich chocolate brown. Once you choose tile for your floor and backsplash, consider adding metallic tile as an accent. Check out Saxon Metals tile, which offers the rich old-world look of iron and bronze. If metallic tile is too much for you, check out the Slate and Sandstone Collection, which offers beautifully rustic field tile in hues that resemble the French countryside.

Photo features Designer Elegance, Classique, Giallo 2 x 12 Etruscan border with Vintage Stone, Champagne 4 x 8 field tile and 1 x 12 carved liner, Tumbled Stone, Azteca 4 x 4 field tile and 2 x 12 chair rail.

Cabin in the Mountains

Whether you actually own a log cabin or just want the look and feel of one, create a rustic bathroom by coming up with bathroom tile ideas that incorporate wood and touches of copper and bronze. Try going with a claw-foot or pedestal tub, a rustic wood vanity, a copper or stone sink and faucet, and a vintage toilet. Since a log home brings the outdoors inside, try to choose natural elements. Opt for earthy colors, such as browns, greens,autumnul gold and red, natural wood finishes, and tile that looks like stone found in nature.

Terreno porcelain tile offers the look of real wood, and is a great tile option if you're interested in making your home feel like it belongs in the woods. If you're going for an older, vintage feel, Historic Bridge is a great option. It authentically captures the look of antique wood right down to realistic-looking water stains, cracking, and weathered paint. It's easy to care for, available in multiple colors, and perfect for floors, walls, and countertops. As far as natural stone, either slate or travertine looks great when paired with wood. Limestone is also a favorite, and Jura Stone Beige will look especially good next to the rich copper and coffee hues of a vintage-style faucet, sink or bathtub.

Photo features Indian Multicolor 12 x 12 on the shower wall.

Beach House on the Shore

If you're designing a rustic beach-inspired bathroom, pull inspiration from sand dunes, seashells, driftwood, and the colors of the sea. A design based on these elements will make you feel like you're on vacation all year long. When choosing your tile and color scheme, remember that the bathroom should be a calm and serene place. Choose a tile that's clean and neutral, and go with fixtures that are either teak wood, vintage, nickel, soft brushed chrome, or bronze. Adding wood-look tile to the space, such as weathered Historic Bridge glazed porcelain in Upper Ferry and Bank's Bridge, will make your bathroom feel like it's right off the boardwalk. Check out Terreno porcelain collection for a perfect rustic wood-look tile, and then consider adding Visionaire glass mosaic tile for a beautiful accent.

Photo features Visionaire in Peaceful Sea 5/8 x 5/8 mosaic.

The Lake House

If you're designing a rustic lake house bathroom, draw inspiration from blue water, warm earth tones, natural wood, stones, and leaves. Start by finding the perfect wood-look tile, such as the Creekwood line, for your space. Then choose glass mosaic tile that resembles lake water. Finally, choose accent colors that resemble summer and autumn at the lake, and the deep rich earth. Check out the Visionaire glass mosaic tile, and pair it with vintage nickel or bronze bath fixtures.

Urban Industrial Rustic

If you live in a city loft, you can still give your apartment a rustic vibe. Start by choosing wood-look tile that looks reclaimed and mixing it with brick and concrete. You can then accent your rustic bathroom with metallic tile, such as Refined Metals or Saxon Metals, which offers iron and bronze field tile that's a perfect fit for this style. The Concrete Chic collection is another great option for a rustic industrial bathroom, and it offers the edgy industrial look of real concrete, plus easy maintenance. It's available in five colors that coordinate very well with metallic tiles. For a wood look, check out Terreno porcelain tile in Black Forest or Driftwood.

Photo features Pietre Bianca 18 x 18 on the floor in a grid pattern. Wall features Terra Marrone 12 x 20 Interlocking accent with Solare Glass in Mint 1 x 1 mosaic.

Creating the look of a rustic bathroom isn't hard with the right bathroom tile ideas. Take advantage of the many tile options and design tools that are available to you to create the perfect design. As you design your rustic-style bathroom, your canvas is your floors and walls, and natural materials, such as stone, wood, and distressed tile are always the best options. The key to designing a great space is to bring the outdoors in, get back to basics, and create an atmosphere that provides peace and comfort.