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Creating a Sustainable Design with Tile

Sustainable design with tile isn't just trendy; today, making environmentally savvy choices is a general responsibility that you can be proud to support. It's also easy to join this decor movement because manufacturers offer many green products. When you go with eco-friendly tile products and design materials, you're not only being kind to the planet, but you'll also end up with materials that suit the specific needs and wants of the homeowner you're designing for. Here are some fresh suggestions to help you get your sustainable design underway.

Photo features Rosendal Midtown Beige in 6 x 36 on the floor and Entourage Alair Honey 2 x 4 Hexagon Glass & Stone Mosaic on the wall.

Designing an Eco-Smart Bedroom

The bedroom is where everyone spends a good chunk of the day, so it should be as dreamy and sleep conducive as it is environmentally friendly. Cool, pale colors, serene decor, and restful materials each play a part. Your client will rest easy when you use appropriate materials, such as Rosendal floor tile, which mimics the elegance of Scandinavian wood. It comes in four neutral, clean-looking tones, and is made in the U.S. with preconsumer recycled materials, making it a beautiful, sustainable tile option.

Creating a Sustainable Living Room

When planning a sustainable design with tile for the living room, pair it with warmly muted, naturally dyed materials, such as hemp or soy fabrics, and bamboo furniture. Just be sure to avoid visually loud surfaces and finishes in your design to keep from overpowering the earthy delicateness of these softer materials. Instead, pull inspiration from materials such as wood and brick. For instance, consider incorporating the Bricktown collection into the space. This line of eco-friendly tile offers an ideal mix of texture, subtle visuals that won't steal attention from other mellow materials, and peace of mind because it's made in the U.S. with recycled materials.

Photo features Rosendal Alabaster Motif in 6 x 36 on the floor and Bricktown Cashmere Court in 2 x 8 on the wall.

Planning an Environmentally-Considerate Kitchen or Bathroom

Aside from sustainable tile, consider using low-flow plumbing fixtures and energy-efficient skylights in the kitchen and bathroom. Smart options include tile that's made with recycled materials, such as the Theoretical line, which is manufactured in the U.S. This collection makes your job easy by offering a good-looking, modern 12 x 24 and 24 x 24 field tile to fill large floor areas. You can even take the Theoretical mosaic tiles up the walls. With 10 trendy floor colors to match the 2 x 2 wall tiles, there's an option for just about any style. If you're looking for a tile that offers a bit more texture, consider going with the versatile Laurel Heights trio of floor, wall, and mosaic tile, which are manufactured using pre and postconsumer recycled materials.

Using sustainable design materials is a smart decision. By supporting manufacturers that use raw materials from within the U.S., you can help to reduce the negative impact on the planet. When you're ready to find the perfect tile, head to your local American Olean retail dealer.

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