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Kid-Friendly Bathroom Tile Ideas and More

If you're designing or remodeling a home for a family, it's important to put thought into the kids' bathroom. Contrary to the master bath, a children's bathroom shouldn't be designed specifically to create an air of tranquility and rejuvenation. Instead, it should include design elements that are bright, bold, and fun. But at the same time, you'll want to ensure that the space is designed to accommodate children as they grow. If you're struggling to choose paint colors or just need a few bathroom tile ideas, we have some great inspirational tips to help get you started.

Pick a Theme

There are hundreds of themes to choose from when designing a children's bathroom. The theme you choose will inform the color palate for the bathroom design and any other coordinating tile and decor. One way to choose a theme is to let the children decide. If that's not an option, look around the home for ideas. If their bedroom has a theme, for example, try extending that theme into the bathroom. You can also consider one of these popular themes: fairy tales, animals, beaches, polka dots, flowers, sailboats, or trees—just to name a few. Your choice will ultimately depend on the kids' ages and unique personalities.

Chloe in Satin White 1 x 2 pinwheel with Gloss Black 1 x 1 dots on floor. Greenwich Village in Designer White 3 x 6 field tile with Chloe Satin White/Glass Black 1 x 2 pinwheel accent strip on walls.

Choose the Perfect Color Palette

After you've picked a theme, start to think about what colors you would like to see used within the space. It's smart to choose between two and three colors, and it can be helpful to choose one element of the space that incorporates all of your core colors. For instance, try choosing a tile backsplash that is multicolored, and then choose your colors for the paint, tile, rugs, towels, and decor based on that. A kids' bathroom is the perfect spot to choose a palate that's colorful and fun, so try incorporating a bright, sunny yellow or a vibrant lime green into your design plans.

Design a Vanity and Countertop

The right vanity cabinet for a kids' bathroom will depend on personal preference. Keep in mind that if a family has more than one child, you might need install a double vanity or two separate vanities so that each child has their own space and storage.

When it comes to choosing a countertop for the vanity, you can't go wrong with tile. Tile comes in a variety of unique colors and design options, so there are endless configurations to make a one-of-a-kind countertop. You can even tie the tile in with the walls and floors for a more streamlined look. Some bathroom tile ideas include matching the countertop tile to the floor tile, or using a contrasting tile to add a pop of color.

Pick a Sink and Backsplash

Sinks are generally neutral in color, but they really stand out when they are paired with a bright tile countertop and backsplash. Bathroom sinks can be found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For instance, pedestal sinks are especially charming, but because there's no storage space underneath them, you'll have to incorporate a separate storage solution.

Adding a tile backsplash behind a sink is a great way to protect the walls from splashes, while simultaneously adding a pop of color. It also helps make the space easier to clean. If you're using wallpaper or paint in other parts of the bathroom, you can match the tile to it or use a contrasting color to make the design interesting and fun. For added protection and appeal, you can go beyond the backsplash and tile the entire wall. The Unglazed ColorBody Porcelain Mosaics and Color Appeal lines are the perfect tile for a kids' bathroom backsplash. Both feature bright, fun colors, and they're available in a number of shapes and sizes—from mosaics to subway tile shapes. They're also easy to clean, which any parent will appreciate.

Tile the Bathtub

There is nothing more charming than an old-fashioned claw-foot or pedestal tub in a child's bathroom. They even perfectly complement an overall contemporary design. If you want to add a colorful, fun addition to the kids' bathroom, frame the claw-foot or pedestal tub with colorful tile. If there is a bathtub surround, you can frame it by adding a fun border or a medley of differently colored tile. If the tub is freestanding and the wall is tiled, you can continue the tile under the tub to define the area. The Bright collection ceramic tile is the perfect choice for framing a bathtub. It's colorful and exciting, and it's the perfect material to incorporate into any child's bathroom.

Customize the Shower

Kids usually prefer taking baths in a tub when they're young, but eventually they will grow up and start to prefer taking showers. It makes sense to add a shower to the kids' bathroom now rather than later. When they come in from playing with more mud on them than the great outdoors, this is a good place for them to get cleaned up. There is also an endless amount of bathroom tile ideas that you can use for the shower. For instance, try adding a subway or mosaic tile that's the same color as the floor tile. If you want to include multiple colors, choose a multicolored glass mosaic tile that incorporates the same color as the flooring.

Designing a children's bathroom can be an extremely fun task. Building codes apply, but other than that, anything goes. It's important to have fun with the design process and to get the kids involved in creating a space that makes getting ready for school fun. Kids need attractive, fun spaces that capture their imaginations. The trick is to use these bathroom tile ideas to create a design that's age appropriate, but also one that the kids can grow into. Start by choosing a theme that means something to the children and a color palette that makes them happy and excited. From there, you can start to choose your materials. Then use the Envision Your Room tool to create the perfect design that the kids will enjoy for years to come.