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Metallic Tile Backsplash Ideas for All Kitchen Styles

The countertops, appliances, and cabinetry are the functional workhorses of the kitchen. Sure, you want them to be attractive, but they also provide the main functions such as food storage, tableware storage, and prep space. The backsplash serves its own purpose, as it keeps liquid and food from damaging the walls, but it's also a decorative element. Think of it as the jewelry of a kitchen-and few things are as perfect for this role as metallic tile. It's available in beautiful finishes and designs that are perfect for creating a striking backsplash. But what type of metallic tile looks best with certain styles of decor? And what color and type of countertops should you pair the tile with? What about appliance and plumbing fixture finishes? We've put some thought into which types of metallic tile work best with different decor themes. Here are all the ins and outs you need to know to find metallic tiles that are just right for every type of kitchen.

Use Stainless for a Contemporary Vibe

Metallic tiles are the perfect addition to any contemporary kitchen. This style is very sterile and minimalistic. It borrows the clean, uncluttered elements from modern design and the warmth from other traditional styles. Try pairing a metallic tile backsplash, for example, with light wood or neutral painted cabinets and granite countertops. Then finish the look off with ceramic or wood-look tile flooring.

The Morello collection features linear mosaic tile and mixes multiple shades and finishes for an overall metallic look. It is the perfect option for a contemporary backsplash and can even be used to frame a fireplace in the kitchen. If you decide to use it as a backsplash, try pairing it with a ceramic or concrete-look tile such as Concrete Chic on the floors and a dark granite countertop. The combination of the silver backsplash, dark countertops, and light floors will create a bold, eye-catching look. If you decide to go with an all-stainless backsplash or countertop, go with black or slate appliances for added variation. Top it off with silver plumbing fixtures, faucets, and lighting fixtures, which will serve as perfect accents to a stainless backsplash.

Add Elegant Tile for a Traditional Look

Traditional homes tend to be a bit more formal. Traditional design often includes Old-World, French country, Mediterranean, and Tuscan elements, and materials often include stone, wood, and metal. Consider going with deep cherry or black cabinets alongside stone countertops. Granite, marble, and travertine come in an array of rich shades that give off a traditional vibe. Metallic tiles can then be incorporated as an accent, trim, or border within a natural stone backsplash. A mix of travertine and bronze- or iron-finished tile, for example, is an extremely classic look. For traditional-looking flooring, try going with a natural stone, stone-look, or wood-look tile.

Features Saxon Metals in Bronze 3 x 12 Signet Border; 2 x 12 Chair Rail, 2 x 2 Signet Dots and 12 x 6 Mural with Mocha Tumbled Stone on the wall and counter. Cortesia Noce 10 x 20 Field Tile on the floor.

The Saxon Metals collection features the perfect selection of metallic tiles for a traditional-style kitchen. Available in bronze and iron finishes, it looks stunning in a home that has a French country theme. Try incorporating it next to light cabinet finishes and medium to dark countertops. There are some elegant, traditional style kitchens that look great with stainless appliances, but in general, black is the finish of choice, and when choosing a sink, go with a shade of copper, stainless, iron, or bronze.

Keep It Simple for a Transitional Design

Transitional design is a cross between contemporary and traditional styles, and often includes a mix of elements from each. While the style is less formal than traditional, but more formal than contemporary, metallic tile is still often a great addition to the design. In general, anything that will work for a traditional or contemporary look will work in a transitional home. The Strategies collection is a great option for a transitional kitchen backsplash because it's not too modern and not too formal. It would perfectly complement wood-look or ceramic flooring and stainless appliances.

Include Rustic Details for a Country Look

American country is very casual, and often incorporates rustic details. The most commonly used design elements are wood and metal, and metallic tiles with a rustic finish are the perfect complementary material. Cabinetry looks great when it has a distinct grain pattern and is finished in a light shade such as cinnamon, honey oak, or pine. Try painting an accent area, such as the island, in a shade of deep green, red, or blue. Country-like cabinets can range from wood-look to ceramic tile or granite. The backsplash will look great if it's all metallic or mixed with other types of tile such as ceramic. The Brick Joint Mosaic in the Refined Metals collection is a great option for a country kitchen because it combines a casual but rustic look. Imagine it next to clean, glossy white subway tiles. If you're more interested in a mosaic metal backsplash, try going with one of the many options in the Morello line. Whether you go with a square shape or a linear pattern, these neutral options will look right at home in a country-style kitchen, and will perfectly complement wood-look tile flooring. If your cabinets are dark, go with a light floor, and if your cabinets are light, go with a darker floor. This will provide visual interest. To top off a country-style kitchen design, go with stainless or black appliances, and a copper, bronze, or colorful sink.

Use Handcrafted-Looking Tile in a Craftsman Kitchen

Craftsman kitchens are all about handcrafted elements of stone, wood, and metal. The craftsman style is not as rustic as a country theme, but it isn't formal either. Think of it as handcrafted but simple. Metallic tiles work very well in this type of kitchen. Cabinets tend to have a heavy wood-grain pattern, and be finished in a light to medium stain or paint. The perfect complementary metallic tile is the Random Mosaic Tile in the Morello Collection. Craftsman kitchens look great with either stainless or black appliances, and the plumbing fixtures in chrome or nickel are a great finishing touch.

Metallic tile is a beautiful accent in any kitchen, and it comes in a variety of finishes. Use these tips to help you choose the perfect metallic tile for the kitchen backsplash. Whether you go with a small or large tile size, or a stainless or bronze finish, there is nothing like metallic tile to add glamour to the kitchen space.