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Metallic Tile Designs for Modern Homes

Are you looking to add a hint of sparkle, an edge of luxury, or a glimpse of something unexpected to your home? Luckily, the options for adding a totally new perspective are endless, thanks to the addition of metallic tile. Metallic tile comes in a range of color options, including gold, silver, and gunmetal, and can be used within a mosaic, paired with stone for added dimension and color, or used on its own. Here are a few creative, inspirational ideas on how to incorporate the metallic look into your design scheme.

Photo features Refined Metals Stainless 4 x 8 field tile and Stainless & Gunmetal Blend 12 x 12 interlocking mosaic on the wall.

Metallic Hues in Glass Mosaics

You don't need to have all metal tiles in a mosaic to give off a metallic vibe. In some rooms, such as the bathroom, glass tile may be the most functional material option. You can, however, still add a metallic look with the Entourage Strategies line. It offers glass mosaic tile in metallic shades such as copper, silver and bronze. Plus, the unique linear structure of these tiles will add character and dimension to any backsplash or accent wall. They offer a modern metallic look alongside the beauty and function of a glass mosaic.

Metallic Refinement

For the striking and uncompromising look of pure metal, a wall mosaic can be crafted from metallic tile in a variety of shapes and sizes. The Refined Metals series, for instance, provides a wealth of design options. From gloss to satin finishes, you choose the amount of metallic shine that fits best with your space. Classic brick-joint designs mesh well with a traditional kitchen, while modern linear-shaped mosaics complement the clean lines found in a contemporary home.

Metal and Glass Together

We've talked about pure metals and glass mosaics designed with a metallic look. The next intuitive step would be to join both materials together for a truly awe-inspiring look. Take a look at the Morello series, for instance. It harmonizes glass and the look of metal into a range of unparalleled mosaic designs. The on-trend color palette guarantees a stylish look, no matter which option you choose. Use these unique metal and glass pairings on backsplashes, walls or even around a fireplace to create a dramatic focal point.

Photo features Urban Canvas™ 4 1/4 x 12 3/4 Wave Tile in Light Smoke Gloss and Morello™ Mosaics in Moonstone.

Recreating the Image of Metal

Using the latest Visual Imaging Technology, the unique texture and sheen of metal can be imprinted on the surface of ceramic and porcelain tiles in completely new ways. If you'd prefer to incorporate the look of metal as more than an accent, series such as Graphic Effects add a subtle shimmer that can be used to cover walls and floors beautifully. The results are so true to life that you'll find it hard to believe that the underlying material is a durable, functional ceramic.

No matter how you choose to incorporate metallic tile in your home, the result will be a beautiful, modern, artistic addition to your home. If you'd like to incorporate metal accents into your home design, don't hesitate to check out the latest expanded designs available.