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Design Made Simple: Go Mid-Century Modern Starting with the Floor Tile

Mid-Century Modern is a style that you know well and love, but have a hard time defining when people ask about it. Even the experts in design have some difficulty pinning down a single definition they can agree upon.

Essentially, Mid-Century style is the design, architecture, and furniture from the mid-thirties to the 1980s with the height in the 1950s. Mid-Century design has maintained a presence since the 1930s and it's hot today too.

Once you start digging into the popular designs of the time, you'll quickly see that many of today's hottest trends have taken a page out of Mid-Century's book: Clean lines, wood, organic feel, lots of natural light from big windows, open-concept floor plans, bringing the outdoors in, geometric patterns, textures, bold color, etc. All that should sound familiar. Those are some of the hottest trends today.

Mariana Vasquez, product designer for American Olean says, "Mid-Century Modern today has a fresh face with elements of contemporary design in the mix. That Mid-Century design can evolve but still retain its original feel is why it's hot today and why it will remain relevant for a long time to come."

Woodstory available at Lowe's

Woodstory available at Lowe's

Mid-Century Floor Tile

Start your Mid-Century design off right with floor tile that sets the stage for beautiful design. Clean lined wood-look tile is a good choice. Stick to the organic feel that is Midcentury with natural colors and domestic wood graining.

American Olean's Woodstory in Natural Oak is the right choice for floors and even walls in Mid-Century design. The six-inch width and long 36 inch length covers floors with modern appeal and acts as a canvas to build a retro design on.

Delfino Glass available at Lowe's.

Delfino Glass available at Lowe's.

Mid-Century Wall Tile

Add some cool color with a linear tile in a neutral color like grey, brown, or steel blue on the walls. Backsplashes that go all the way up the wall add some texture and movement in the space. Bold is best for Mid-Century backsplashes and the linear pattern is a statement-maker.

Delfino by American Olean in Shadow Blue is just the right amount of color and variation and still leaves room for bold pops of color. Try it someplace unexpected like a fireplace surround. A classic subway tile is right at home in Mid-Century design. Starting Line in White Gloss easily takes on the kitchen backsplash or feature wall.

Sausalito available at Lowe's.

Sausalito available at Lowe's.

More Great Mid-Century Style

Don't forget other popular tile choices that are perfectly suited to Mid-Century design. Hexagons, octagons, and mosaic patterns with a 1 x 1" dots all offer that retro style with a contemporary update. Try Sausalito's Honeycomb Mosaic or Satinglo Hex for white matte look in a classic shape.

You can't go wrong with black and white, especially in a mosaic pattern like Alameda in White and Black Dot Pinwheel or Satinglo Hex with Black Dot.

Check out more Mid-Century Modern Tile from American Olean at Lowe's. Design Made Simple.

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