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Using Mosaic Glass Inside or Outside to Make a Design Statement

Mosaic glass is extremely versatile. It can be used indoors in a kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, or bedroom, but it's equally at home outdoors on a wet bar backsplash or pool lining. This tile's versatility makes it the perfect muse to convey whatever a homeowner or designer desires. After all, depending on the exact tile you choose, mosaic tiles can appear either traditional or modern. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Photo features Novelty in Lapis on the backsplash.

Make Magical Fireplaces, Countertops, and Backdrops

Novelty is one of the most glamorous mosaic glass tile options out there. Consider using Lapis as a fireplace surround to pick up the shimmer of the fire at night. You could also use it as wainscoting in a dining room and create the perfect backdrop for the empty cocktail and wine glasses awaiting use. It even looks great when placed on the curved front of a kitchen bar, and you could pair it with decorative pendant lights overhead.

Photo features Crosswood Pelican in Hexagonal Glass Mosaic on the wall.

The modern shape of Crosswood hexagonal tiles is available in a variety of neutral colors, and can serve as the backdrop for a colorful kitchen. Consider using Pelican on one wall with a marble countertop, and adding color with art, furniture, and decor.

Add Glamour to a Bathroom

Novelty in Onyx has a strong retro vibeóespecially when it's set with white grout. It can surround a vintage-style white enamel claw-foot tub in a bathroom and add unexpected texture to the space, or it can be used on a shower stall or backsplash. Add warmth to this tile with touches of whiteóa white ceramic sink, toilet, countertops, and vanity, for instance. Finish the look with matching French terry towels.

The Renewal line offers a lot of glass mosaic tile options. For instance, if the bathroom has a whimsical vibe, consider going with the Sea Pearl block pattern and featuring its chain-linked counterpart as a border. Install the tile vertically to give a small bathroom additional height or horizontally to make a small bathroom appear larger overall. For additional fun, use the same tile combination as the lining of an outdoor pool and shower stall.

Photo features Color Appeal Renewal in 3 Sea Pearl Block Glass Mosaic and Sea Pearl Chain-Link Glass Mosaic on the wall.

Add Sparkle to an Outdoor Pool

Refluence in Waterfall can also be used both indoors and out. Inside, it's at home as a kitchen backsplash because the linear glass can visually expand a kitchen area. It's also a terrific backdrop for a glassy black retro-style refrigerator and stove. Outside, it makes for a great backsplash for a shower stall near the pool.

Felicity hexagonal glass mosaic tile also has a similar appeal. Give your pool the look of a spa by using Vintage Mint as the pool lining. Fountain Blue is also a fun choice for a pool lining that's situated near a river, sea, ocean, or lake, as it echoes the blue colors of the sky and water. Complete the look with cream-colored grout and complementary beach towels and candles.

Whatever glass mosaics you choose for an indoor or outdoor space, you'll be creating a timeless look that will remain inviting for years to come. Start your design with a visit to your nearest American Olean dealer today.