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Using Mosaic Tile Patterns for Exciting Home Decor

Mosaic tile patterns have a rich artistic history. Dating back to the primitive use of creating patterns out of pebbles, mosaic tile patterns evolved into intricate works of art created from bits of stone, glass, ceramic, metals, and mirrors. Extravagant designs made with mosaic tiles can be seen around the world.

Mosaic Tiles' Grand History

Mosaics date back to ancient Greece, where they were used to pave floors and walkways. They truly became grand artistic works after the Romans conquered Greece in the second century BCE. Even Christianity left its mark on the art, using it to adorn churches and other sacred spaces; however, it was the Byzantines who took mosaics to new heights, creating works through which they could portray spirituality. Perhaps the most famous example of Byzantine mosaic art can be found in Venice's St. Mark's Basilica.

As the world evolved, mosaic tile patterns evolved as well. The use of mosaic tiles to create grand works of art eventually spanned all continents and religions. Originally associated with beautiful churches and temples, mosaics eventually became available to all with the help of modern technology that could cut tiles and pieces, reducing the need for skilled workers to do it by hand.

Today, mosaic tiles can be used in just about any commercial or residential space in wonderful, creative ways. You can have a great time designing exciting decor with glass and ceramic mosaic tiles.

Using Mosaic Tiles inside a Residential Space

When it comes to residential design, many people think tiny glass mosaic squares belong in the bathroom or kitchen. They do look absolutely lovely lining the shower walls, but you can do so much more with mosaic tiles when you get creative. Patterns can vary from extravagant murals of animals, people, and scenery to ombré effects that evoke clouds, flowing water, and sunsets.

Photo features Designer Leather 12 x 12, 12 x 24, and 24 x 24 on the floor. Wall features Costa Rei in Pietre Bianca 12 x 20 Interlocking Accent.

Mosaics can help turn bathrooms into beautiful showrooms. You can line the walls in the bath and shower with mosaic glass tiles, and then add a custom touch to your bathroom by using those same tiles to frame your vanity mirror. For a truly personal touch, create a mosaic mural of beautiful marine life on one wall of the shower, letting the bottom of the mural morph to match the color of the tiles on the floor. If you're looking to create a more subdued look in the bathroom, try incorporating an asymmetrical contemporary design.

When designing a residential space, consider using mosaic tiles throughout the house to create defined areas in an open layout. You can create an area rug-like look on a wood floor using mosaic tiles, for example. Like a medallion, but on a larger scale, fashion a beautiful underlay beneath where the living room or dining room furnishings will go with a lovely mosaic pattern. You can also use a mosaic tile border to separate rooms by using different tiles that transition to another floor texture, like wood. Remember to make sure the mosaic tiles used in the border complement the floor finishes they divide.

Mosaic tiles can also make a fireplace look magnificent. By creating a varied pattern of soft mosaic tiles on the fireplace wall, you can create the illusion of light, even when the fire isn't lit. The tiles can be all one size or a mix of various sizes; either way, they'll make a simple, yet exciting statement. You can also create a mosaic frame around the fireplace opening in a colorful and whimsical tile pattern. Flow the pattern onto the floor in front of the fireplace and around the hearth. You can even add some interesting curves to the pattern to soften edges, creating a relaxed and unique look. With the right design fashioned out of mosaic tile, there's no need to add a framed piece of art or a mirror above a fireplace mantel. Rather, frame your finished mosaic art with a chair rail tile that's mitered at the corners.

Incorporating Mosaic Tiles outside a Residential Space

To create a lasting first impression, consider using mosaic tiles outdoors, leading up to the entryway. Before even stepping inside, guests can walk up a beautiful path encrusted with mosaic tile patterns that lead to the front door. Dot a cement walkway with glass mosaic tile to add a touch of unique beauty, or add a border to the walkway with mosaic stripes. Once inside, invite visitors to step onto a beautiful mosaic insert in the entryway. You can choose from a variety of ready-made medallions or get artistic designing your own. You can even dress up an accent wall in the entry with mosaic tiles that match the medallion.

The pool area is another great place to get artistic with mosaic tile patterns. You can create patterns along the walls of an in-ground pool, for example. How exciting would it be to step into a pool in which a beautiful sunburst of mosaic tile glowed up toward you, or to swim along with mosaic dolphins that lined the pool walls? You can also incorporate a beautiful mosaic border around the perimeter of the pool. With the variety of mosaic tiles available, you can really get creative-the sky's the limit.

Photo features Peaceful Sea in 1 x 2 mosaic on pool lining.

Planning a Mosaic Design

There are a number of ways to plan and create beautiful mosaic tile patterns. When planning a design, first draw it out on paper using colored pencils or markers so you know which colored tiles will be placed where. As you use more colors and get more creative about your design, the planning and execution will become more intricate.

If you're planning to add a grand mural, you can design your own or replicate a favorite work of art or photo. Make a copy of the artwork or photograph to place a grid pattern over, just as you would do if you were painting a larger-scale mural or design of the work. Then, on the surface where the mural will be placed, create a larger scale of the grid and draw each section out to match the original. Once your design is drawn out you will be able to lay the colored mosaic pieces in their places.

There's no limit to the many innovative ways you can use beautiful mosaic tiles within a residential design. Create something that will set your home apart.